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A mutually acceptable decision between the Buyer and Seller.

Order Online

To buy vehicles your dealership will be required to select the purchase button on the vehicle and wire transfer the funds to Retail Ready’s escrow account. Buyer fee: $200, Seller fee: $100

Secured System

All salespersons, dealership & users information are secured. We are committed with you that this information will not be shared anywhere.

Arbitrary Service

There is availability for arbitration on each purchase.


Your dealership is responsible to hire the transportation company. Using a recommended transporter will insure your company of arbitration. If you do NOT USE A RECOMMENDED TRANSPORTER there will be no arbitration.

Best Dealership facility

Manage dealership users and their vehicles.

About Us

This is a program to allow dealerships to purchase a vehicle that can go on the buying dealership lot and be sold within a day or two. This works as an addition to the normal auto auctions. Not every vehicle will qualify for this program.